30 January 2011

Review: 30.01.11 - Victory's Banner

Victory's Banner

2100 W Roscoe
Chicago, IL 60618
(At the corner of Hoyne and Roscoe in Roscoe Village)

Hours: 8-3 Wednesday to Monday
Closed Tuesdays

This restaurant was a visit based on Ben's suggestion. I went there with him this morning. Their website boasts being a top breakfast spot in Chicago. Chicago Reader claims it's "one of the best breakfast houses in Chicago, period." WTTW's Check Please! has recommended it for it's zen-like atmosphere. And it's received many other accolades from various sources.

This is a vegetarian restaurant and as such, I expected a lot from a restaurant of kindred spirits. The options for vegans at breakfast were considerably limited and while you can order any omelette with tofu in place of eggs, and there is a tofu scrambler, I found these to be one in the same. It was incredibly discouraging that the tofu scrambler was just a plate of tofu, potatoes and bread and if you wanted vegetables with it, you had to order each separately (I had mine with onions, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, spinach, garlic {though undetectable}, and soy sausage). Ben ordered the veggie delight omelette with tofu in place of the egg. The presentation of both the tofu scrambler and the veggie omelette was the same. A great disappointment. When we saw "tofu omelette", Ben and I assumed "like omelette with tofu instead of egg" or a frittata using tofu, NOT tofu scramble. In fact, you can save money by going for a veggie delight omelette and adding vegetables as opposed to adding vegetables to the tofu scrambler.

The potatoes were well-done, and well-seasoned without salt allowing the customer to add salt if so moved or ketchup. The bread was very nice, whole grain with a good crust and the coffee was very nice. However, he main part of the meal was lacking in many ways. A let down considering "The best thing I ever ate" was at a non-vegetarian restaurant. The tofu scrambler here was nothing special and something I could have made at home for a lot cheaper. Overall, it's a nice place to go for breakfast with a friend, but nothing to out of your way for. Moreover, the prices lead me to believe that it's a front for people who are on the latest organic kick if it's free-range/organic, it must be worth paying more. For two people who got 1 coffee, 1 tea and two breakfasts: $31.63. No thank you. It should be noted that the review could be different from a non-vegan point of view.

For the food, presentation and environment, I give it a sad bunny.
Ben's review to come.

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