15 August 2010

The Best thing I ever ate...

Hi Everyone,
For a normal non-VEGetariAN restaurant, this is quite possibly THE BEST vegan breakfast I've ever eaten. You need to make the trip up to about Ainslie and Damen in Ravenswood and have breakfast/brunch at Over Easy. Their spicy tofu scramble cannot be missed. With peppers, tumeric covered tofu and chorizo spiced crumbles, it would be enough, but the salsa verde with lime and cool, creamy guacamole... Awe-inspiring, so many layers of flavor and texture, it's bliss on a plate. It's the cherry atop of the vegan sunday. My friend Piotr had the Banana spiked French Toast. Let's just say that I've never seen anyone down French Toast that quickly. He reported that it was perfect and everything he expects from French Toast. It's been featured on Check Please! and has received numerous awards. If you're in the area, you HAVE to make it a stop for breakfast; hell, if you're in the tri-state area, you have to make the trek. May I suggest Sunday brunch? I give it an elated bunny rating. It's been hours since I left... and I start to drool thinking about it, my heart races, my eyes dialate and I get goosebumps. This is only one time when I choose not to use hyperbole. This is amazing. A city is only as good as it's food, and Chicago hits a homerun-hatrick-touchdown-goal-in-one. I love this city.

Over Easy Café
4943 N Damen Ave.
between Ainslie and Argyle
Chicago, IL 60625


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