26 April 2010

Review: 26.04.10 - Veggie Bite

1300 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622


12h - 22h - Lunch and dinner

I first went here when I got to Vegan Mania last October and needed to eat something. Double burger, chili cheese dog, gyro, italian beef melt, buffalo wings, nachos surpreme? Where the hell am I? Why is this place on a vegan blog? Look again, please. All these items are vegan and organic. Yea, you may all know the Chicago Diner (to be showcased in a future blog), but VeggieBite takes the VEGetariAN thing to the extreme. Look at that menu, that's not right, is it? Surprise! You can get pretty much anything you can get at other fast food restaurants, but these are all vegan and cruelty-free. Aside from the menu, they have several leaflets at all times on various topics in AR. It's a cool place with free WiFi if you buy something. They have ice cream, chix-free nuggets, philly cheese steak, everything a meat-eater turned VEGetariAN might miss.

So how do I feel about this place?

On one hand, it's nice being able to go into a fast food restaurant and order anything off the menu, it's liberating. On the other, while they have tofu, they have some items that are questionable at best (at least to someone who has been vegan for two years and has gotten used to whole foods and everything looking like it's supposed to except tofu and seitan). The time before last that I was there, I wasn't really impressed with the food and quite frankly, it wasn't very fast. The last time I was there, it didn't take too long and their bite burger really isn't too bad for a veggie burger. Long story short, if you're on the prowl and need a bite to eat, grabbing it at VeggieBite wouldn't be all too bad; but if given the choice between VeggieBite and somewhere else when I weren't too hungry, I'd choose somewhere else.

In the end, I give it a sad bunny to bunny rating for the service I had two times ago and the quality of food. Go there if you must, but keep in mind it's not really what vegans want. It might be better to just stay home.

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