13 June 2010

Curry and chili potatoes over jasmine rice

Okay, I posted a teaser on Thursday and I thought I'd better post the recipe while I have time. So see here my recipe for Curry and chili potatoes over jasmine rice. Please note that I never measure ingredients and everything is to taste.

3-4 potatoes (for the picture, I did a mix of one red potato and three russets I think I prefered the russet potato for this one as it's starchier and incorporates the flavors quicker)
2-3 T olive oil
Hot curry powder
Chili Powder
Thai seasoning mix
1 bay leaf
Garlic powder
1 t Vegan vegetable soup base
1 c water
1 T whole wheat flour

Cut potatoes into eighths lengthwise. Heat oil in a pan on low-medium heat and add potatoes and cover, stirring occaisionally just to heat up just before they start to brown.
Start the jasmine rice cooking (I use a rice cooker, I really suggest it as you can just throw the ingredients in there and leave it to focus on the other components)
In a sauce pan, create the soup base for 1 cup of soup according directions, add the spices and mix well. Once the spices are well incorporated into the soup, remove the bay leaf and slowly add 1 T of flour and incorporate well, I suggest using a wisk. Let the sauce thicken up a little and remove from heat. Cover (the sauce will continue to thicken up). Once the potatoes are cooked through but not brown, pour the sauce over them and let rest. Once the rice is done, plate and serve.

Serves 2-3 or enough for substantial leftovers.

As this is my first recipe posing, please note that I don't even follow my own recipes. I'm always changing something and no dish I make is ever the same twice (unless I'm hosting, then I'll know what works well and stick with that). I encourage all who read to experiment, use my recipes as a guide and take your own route. Knowing how spices and ingredients work is what makes you a good cook and creating your own recipes and making it to your liking is the beauty of the art of cooking and the intrigue your dishes create will bring people back to your dining table for more, asking for the recipe and trying things out for themselves. I made this recipe to be incredibly easy and incredibly good and I hope you enjoy it. Try it out and tell me what you think!

Amusez-vous bien!

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